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Need help from Amiga devs to test MOD playerlibs

Hello all

I'm calling upon Amiga (game)devs to help me test the various MOD playerlibs for "precise timing", with the purpose of compiling a list for of playerlibs that does and does not have this "precise timing".

"Precise timing" is the term used to tell if the playerlib plays all samples in a row of a track at the exact same time, thus allowing various effects and tricks such as 14-bit quality.

Current list of supporting Amiga players:
Protracker 2.3d
EaglePlayer (only left speaker supported though)
AMOS built-in playerlib
PHX's protracker player with support for external sound effects

Current list of unsupporting Amiga players:
Protracker 3.61 (and I assume Protracker 3.15 too).

I'd like to expand both lists - preferably the first one of course.

What I need from you is to load your game-development tool. Could be Blitz Basic, or AMOS, or whatever you use. Make a "Hello World" that loads and plays "test.mod" from the same folder. Post the EXE in this thread, and give it the name of your dev tool, e.g. "BlitzBasic<version>.exe".
That way I can test myself with several MODs on my A1200 and A600 to see if it plays properly, and subsequently add it to the proper list.

This track; "Unshackled" uses a lowpass filter emulation in the beginning, using channel 2 and 3, that requires precise timing in order to work.
So when it plays, you should be able to hear the synths starting out kinda "muddy" and dampened down, then slowly getting sharper and sharper.
If the player does not have precise timing, the synths will probably be sharp from the start, or switch between sharp and "muddy". Easy to hear when it fails.

This track; "Gearing up" does a similar thing in the beginning, but it uses all 4 channels to do so.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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