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Calling another program from a compiled Amos program...?

I've discovered some old stuff I was working on with AMOS years ago and have now updated it - you honestly can't tell it's an Amos program!

Anyways, the whole things consists of 4 different programs which are loaded when required...

Main Menu
Highscore display
The main game

Each one runs great through amos and on their own when compiled - except I can't call one compiled program from another compiled one which, as you can probably guess, is a bit of a pain. I also can't call an amos program from a compiled program. I include all the amos libraries in the compilation.

I can't hold all 4 programs in memory and I can't merge them into one because it simply becomes too big (and I'm loading graphics and sound as and when needed - they are not stored with the programs)

Does anyone know a way around this? I've been told it's a good game and I plan to stick it on the internet for all to download but I don't want to end up cutting out effects, options, graphics and audio (in effect a crippled program) just so the whole will fit into memory and around the limitations of AMOS.

Hope all that made sense!!!
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