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GameBaseAMY v0.1c released

OK a minor update. This one is based on the lastest TOSEC datafile (v2005-01-07). There were many bugs in GBA v0.1b They were cause by an error in my software, which has now been fixed. So I have done a new release and you can grab it below. It contains 3075 unique games spread over 5227 disks. I know it's less than the previous version but that's because there were so many duplicates and other errors. Some other minor changes. The configuration has changed in two ways. 1) The default hardware config is now setup for 'fastest' operation rather then 'most compatible' 2) The host and hardware setting have been combined back into one config again. You can modify it to your hearts content as the GBA script will just modify the setting it needs. See the readme file for more info. - The main file including database, scripts, configs and datafiles

Also the Public Domain version of GameBaseAMY has been updated in the same way. You can grab it below. It contains 1476 unique games spread over 1679 disks. - The main file including database, scripts, configs and datafiles

So the total games, both commercial and PD, comes to 4551 spread over 6906 disks.

As always please feel free to have a look and make any comments you wish. Enjoy

Lastly, I now believe that GBA is in a workable state. It's now time to start game testing, adding game info, taking screens shots and adding other extras. Belgarath had kindly offered to do a large chuck of this. He unfortunately can not because of time constraints. A problem I understand all too well. Many other people had offered to do game testing etc for me in the past and I will try to contact them via e-mail. If you would like to make a contribution, I would welcome it with open arms
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