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Originally Posted by Shadowfire View Post
I keep two machines, an OS 1.3 1.3 1MB A500 for playing disk games, and an expanded OS3.1 A2000 (accelerator, memory, hard disk) which I used when I was doing development work.
Can I ask what type of development you were using your Amiga for?

@Calab: You will see a lot of posts here about whdload, that will be your best bet as you won't have to worry about kickstart swapping, and the games will be run of your HD and alot of them have NTSC support which will help you Or you could just download the NTSC images.

By using whdload you can also use the same config to 'use your Amiga' whatever that implies? Make Music, 3D Rendering, Pixel Art, Programming, BBS?

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