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oooh... Look what we found in a tub

Found this last week in a tub. Came up with yellow screen, which stumped us for a bit, then I remembered the jumper on the MB for memory type, and when worked on it today, it came up immediately into 3.2. (using an external SCSI2SD).

Only has 2 MB chip memory (plus a MB we had lying around), and no tape drive, no hard drive, no 3 button mouse, no box, no docs, 4 floppies but no floppy ribbon

OTOH, the motherboard is very clean, and it seems very stable. And at least one of these floppies appears to be a HD floppy already configured for Amiga. (has stuff in German written on it, which I can't read, and I didn't take a snap).

My goal is to fill out the RAM, get a SCSI2SD internal drive mounted, put AMIX on the 1.3 partition, and 3.something on the 2.x partition so it can be best of both worlds.

The AMIX install looks, err, challenging, but should be kind of fun. I am planning to cheat of course and do the hard work on the Mac and use RDBTool and XFDTool to prep the SD card.

haven't tracked down the network card, but there is one around I saw the other week, might be the A2065, might not be.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be asking for help here in days to come (I only go in to the shop every other weekend at best, and only for a few hours, so this is going to take a while to get cleaned up and running nicely).
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