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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
If I remember right David Whittaker made music for Dan Dare III. If it has any bugs, you can check my David Whittaker player for this music. I fixed perhaps all bugs, it can be initialisation bug.
You remember right, is a non-standard David Whittaker module.
And you are right also for bug type, is an initialisation bug.

An uninitialized pointer that read a table and set a variable volume as: (positive_value*multiplicative_factor)++, else abs(negative_value) and stop.
So if you set $0=#$80 (W 0 80) you can stop strange volume behaviour (yes, ugly, but is non-system game so..).
Anyway I'll sure give a look in your code (it's EP replayer, right?). Thanks!

However, it is only a coincidence the crash of WinUAE with this game, it is simply the last one I was patching. It happened on other occasions.

Sooner or later I must also remember to ask Toni to insert some breakpoint methods that I saw in the Hatari debugger.
They seemed excellent (used for Monkey B.'s recover).
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