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Damien, you can be our official play-tester when the project gets off the ground then. :P

And to clarify a bit on the title, Hyboria is where Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja are from.

I've already made a palette to use. It's in Extra-Halfbright, so if we can get the game made, it should run smoothly on an AGA machine and shouldn't be too hard to get working on an ECS machine either, since the colours won't have to be reduced (assuming a 1MB machine can handle the game). All sprites will be using the first 16 (15+clear) colours, while the floor/ground will use the first 32 colours, and the backgrounds and foregrounds will use all 64. The reason for the floors using only the first 32 is so the sprites can have real shadows, which will just be circles of half-bright colours.

For an example of EHB shadows, check out Fightin' Spirit.

I've drawn one sprite so far, although it is not animated yet. And now I've been working on a few background blocks. I should have a mock screenshot by tomorrow, fingers crossed.
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