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Greetings. Are you talking about the first screen of the game in the room with the fan on the wall? If so, you are in a ship's cabin. To do anything you must reach up and use the pull down menu at the top of the page. There you will see your inventory and other alternatives for movement to examine things or to go outside. You can even shut off the fan on the wall...

Maupiti Island is a great game that uses speech synthesis when you converse with the locals. If you are using WinFellow the speech won't work. You need WinUAE for now. Use the search option on the EAB board (input Maupiti Island) to find out more about this subject from past discussions.

Before Maupiti Island there was Mortville Manor, my personal favorite Amiga game. Both are similar in construct and both are Jerome Lange mysteries. Be sure and give Mortville Manor a shot if you like Maupiti Island.

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