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______________DE size_____FR Size_______SP size (PC)
Blue3,tot______8028________7966________ 7852

it's curious than SP files are similar length while FR/DE version but there are 3 missing files....

above, the specific texts of FR & DE versions (quickly translated via google translation) of Tot4,56 & 7 files missing it seems in SP version....

Our situation is not very bright, Jimmy ... Very little food and not much more ammunition ... ¨ Fortunately we were able to find water because it is rare around here. ¨ Esp ce d 'drunk! Where do you go out that bottle of gnole? ¨ Another chance that I was able to save a, son! .. ¨ Hi, Hi! Come on son, just a drink, just to cheer up! ... ¨ To the health of all the brave "evil spirits" who haunt this satan e mountain! ¨ JIMMY! By the devils! What was that? ¨ A thousand polecats! It was scary! ¨ In my life as a trail runner, never have I heard a human being scream so horribly. ¨ ... The thing that the Apaches call the specter of the Mesa and which kills anyone who dares to venture here. ¨ Sacred name of a skunk! I am starting to wonder if this is really a superstition ... ¨ We are being shot Jimmy! And it doesn ' was not Wally's winch ! ¨ Yeah! It looked like a strong caliber! ¨ Well specter or not, I think we will have to face it!

Teuffel !!! That bullet almost got us off! But look ... it's gold! ¨ Prosit! you are going to pay this treachery! Old mangy carne !!! ¨ More dead than alive, Prosit starts climbing the dune, Suddenly ... ¨ HIMMEL !!! ¨ The soul of the man who d covered the mine. His specter is watching jealously. ¨ Gold somewhere in the dark ... ¨ AAARHG !!! A rattle snake ... He bit me! ¨ When leaving the rocky cirque ¨ Not a drop of water in sight at the bottom of this canyon ... That's it, I'm rep r ... ¨ That's not all ... We'll have to climb up there! ¨ By all the devils of hell! There, the specter, he is there, he sleeps. This time he can't escape me. ¨ Touch !!! for a specter, he does not like my balls ...

??Wally and Prosit have surely had, like us, to wipe the shot of the forcen ... ¨ Let’s keep our eyes open! We are approaching their bivouac ¨ Weird! No traces of combat, but prints of bare feet ... ¨ MIKE! UPPER! ONE BODY! ¨ Blueberry! ... Mac Clure! ... Old scoundrel of Luckner who murdered me! He put a snake in my boot! ¨ We must catch up with him ... He is looking for ... the mine! ... THE MINE! ... THE GOLD! ... ¨ Calm down, Wally ! ¨ ATTENTION! ... D ... DANGER ... THE ... SPECTRUM ... IT GUARDS THE MINE ... IT ATTACKED US! .. ... BULLETS OF OR ... ¨ ... He should read! ... ¨ He is dead! ... ¨ Do not stay there, thousand polecat! ... The vultures! They are spinning d j. ¨ A golden ball! Hey! I wonder if Wally d would really read ... ¨ A gold bullet! Pure gold! Where can that gold come from? ¨ Probably the bullets of the madman who haunts the mesa ... and who shot us ... ¨ Until now I was convinced that Prosit had invented this fabulous face but I am starting to believe it ... ¨ In the meantime, this bloody rat is still running ... ¨ with one more corpse his active ... ¨ This basin looks dead end; Where could this scoundrel from Prosit pass? ¨ Come on, Jimmy! We're going to dig into every square inch of it! ¨ Not the slightest flaw! Yet this damn passage must exist! ¨ Hey Mike! Come and see a little over here ... I think that I found the passage ¨ DAMN! Stop bawling like a piglet! No need to alert our bird ... ¨ But it is obstructed by this big stone! ¨ He did not come l all alone! ¨ In the meantime, no way to pass. And this block must weigh tons! ¨ A few cartridges of dynamite would have been enough to house it ¨ That's it I got my hands on Luckner's reserve! ¨ A few cartridges explosive will come end! ¨ That's it! The passage is free! ¨ On the way! We will see what d mouth! ¨C to be cried damnly! Gonna have to go back stomachs! ¨ No traces! The ground is too hard; but he could only go through l! ¨ MIKE! You saw what I found. Looks like a message ... ¨ It is written with BISON BLOOD! ... ¨ Let's put away- the! We will figure it out when we are more calm
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