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Indeed, i had honestly thought i had written a 'B' LOL figure....


The fastest 060 is the MC68EC060RC75 wich is a 75Mhz 060, however this is unlikely to have an MMU and an FPU at that speed would die. so it probly wont have that either. so for single (integer) calculation it would be the fastest.

A few years towards the end of motorola's production of the 060 chip they decided to release "a cost effective" version known as the "EC" these would not have an MMU or CPU circuitry on the cpu. However supply could not reach demand and so Motorola just produced the 68060's in with the fpu and mmu, but these were not tested and sold under the "EC" marking, the only way to know for sure if you have a "fully functional" is to look at the die / serial number of the chip and then to test it!

so if you wanted the fastest "FULL" 060, then an XC68060RC66 (66mhz) would be it. however forsaking the FPU you could have an XC68LC060RC75 (75Mhz)

since theres only a few things that use the FPU (raytracing / quake) and virtually nothing (other than linux for Amiga) will use an MMU so the decision is yours....
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