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Your first step is to get a good newsreader. Forget Outlook Express. Get Agent. That is, if you buy or pirate software. Otherwise, you can use the inferior, but still worthwhile Free Agent. Can't remember the URL, but go to Google and type Agent and Forte and it will take you there.

Then you will have to find a new provider. Your ISP probably has one, but if it's a small or local ISP, forget it. Not even worth bothering, I swear.

There are some commercial providers that can give incredible feeds with 30-day retention (meaning the files won't expire on their servers for a full 30 days) for typically $20US a month. Well worth it and even though I have pretty good feeds, I will probably sign up for the 30-day retention alone!

Somebody posted some free servers on here recently, I thought. You may wanna try using the EAB search function to locate the thread, if it hasn't been killed. If it has, maybe that kind soul would like to repost those links.

When you are past those hurdles, let me know and I can give you some time-saving tips for productive usenet surfing.
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