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Rather than beginning a new thread, I'll just fill you in on what's happening in this wonderful newsgroup.

The ST flood is, I guess, over. There was about 550 disks worth of demos. Which was followed by 349 disks of games (no menu disks!), which didn't all make it due to shit propagation. I got 266 of them, though.

The latest stuff is a flood of 713 Oric games. And the best of Monday's postings was the Fabulously Fully Fun GoodCPC set featuring 4192 disks (plus fills)!!! As well as TOSEC CPC Bios + Utils.

What else...oh yeah, 278 disks of Atari 800 Basic goods, 70 Atari 800 OS-B disks, 2092 Atari 800 XL binaries...but I save the best part for last.

750 Amiga disks!!! Finally, a new Amiga flood. Sure, there's bound to be dupes in there, but it's a big pile for the taking if you act fast. At this writing, I only see 157 of them have made it, so I must assume able is posting at this time.

Have fun!
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