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Well, it may be too late for most of y'all with 3-day retention (like me!), but if anyone pays for newsfeeds with nice 30-day retention, there was a nice flood of TOSEC-style NEC PC98 games (870 disks worth!) in alt.binaries.emulators.misc over the last several days! My job has been killing me with overtime, so I only caught part of the letter E on up through Z. Somehow, it's just worthless without the entire set, though!

Tons of other good stuff this week, too, like floods of TOSEC Atari 800 BASIC/800 XL, TOSEC C64 Raw Tape, Vic20, Modeler roms, and most recently, TOSEC Atari ST!

Pretty hard to beat this newsgroup for pure chewing satisfaction!

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