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AROS One x86 v1.3: New AROS x86 ABIv0 Distro based on the latest Nightly Builds which includes a "Drawer" Icons set created by me and configured with an AfA One style Wanderer (Workbench).

AROS One 1.2 includes all the latest software and updated to the latest versions, all the most common files have been associated with the most convenient tool on both Workbench and Dopus4.

At the first boot OWB will take some time to download and install the necessary fonts, the next starts will be very fast, the network has been preconfigured for a Virtual Machine, who will use a real PC will have to configure their network card.

AROS One x86 ABIv0 v1.3: Download

AROS One x86 ABIv0 v1.3 HardFile VirtualBox + Config: Download

Tutorial Video: AROS One x86 ABIv0 v1.3

Tutorial Video: AROS One Installation VMWare

Tutorial Video: AROS One Installation VirtualBox
Hello, i have an old pc with Windows10 tunned to work as fast as posible on my pc specs, it runs really good And everything is working as a pc retrogamer with Batocera Windows And WinUAE.
It is a Core2Duo with nvidia8500gtx laptop.

It is posible to instala ArosX86 as a Windows app?
I say That because i saw The coherence Mode And The abbility to launch Windows apps from AmigaOS using a Bridge...
The problem i when we have a PC destinated to retro emulation And we need to install a Virtual machine on it, The pc is not enough to partitionate ressources And i do The question.

Is it possible to install on Windows as a native app to run sidebyside as a hosted system?

It will be a revolution because we will have an all in One AmigaOS solution to run NG AmigaSoft And to launch Windows Emulators from AmigaOS or Some Windows app we will need to work on
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