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Hi from Spain

Hi guys!

I never had an amiga when I was a kid (no money, so I used a C64 until it broke, and then I moved to a PC... ***sigh***), but now... I got an old 1200 from a friend who told me that was partially broken... so I have recapped the 1200 and now is ready to rock again!!!

IDE2CF... ready
WB... ready
Gotek... ready
USB full of demos... ready

Now, lets go to see some demos!!!

By the way, I have always heard that the memory expansion is a must, specially when using WHDLoad.... do you know from where I can get it at a fair price? (well, I know that in amiga nothing comes to a fair price... ), or do you recommend to get an accelerator? (the cheapest from Individual Computers, maybe??)
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