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Originally posted by Steve
Shareware is not commercial.
Actually it is Money is trading hands, so it's commerce.

For instance, Quake and other early ID games were sold as 'episodes' via shareware. Wouldn't anyone preserving the PC gaming include Doom, Duke Nukem, or Quake?

Nevertheless, that's besides the point. Perhaps the word you're really looking is: Retail.

Originally posted by Steve
Any Amiga game that has been published by a company is a commercial Amiga game.
Any person or group of them can call itself an Amiga company, so shareware would fit your description of commercial Amiga game.

What you mean= Retail
Shareware= Commercial
Public Domain= Not commercial

Originally posted by Steve
Don't add Shareware or PD software to the list of games as it would be never ending.
And that's the real point. It's also a completely impossible objective. I myself had a couple of applications that ended up being released as PD (afair) and i'm never going to see them again.

Interestingly enough, if anyone still needs a point for digital preservation, the source code i had went dead with the floppy
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