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I found the bugger! It was ACE magazine, it seems only to be present in earlier editions. I was starting to think I would never find it!

At their height these publications were really worth every penny, crammed packed with so many new games and promise of amazing new things to come..I can still remember staring at the screen shots of these games, imaging how they would play and sound. Good times

Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
Gosh, coverdisks were so much fun. It was the only way to try before you buy. Damn I miss coverdisks. They were filled with so much promise...
Truth be told, some things were precious, before the internet brought a deluge of ubiquity. You didn't have everything at your fingertips so you valued and sucked more joy from what you had.
I`m inclined to agree with you mate, I don't want to sound like some old fart that says everything was better in my day, but one can't deny that the internet has killed a lot of the mystery, marvel and dare I say it, worth of how we value these things. The coverdisk was really something to look forward to each month with it's demos, free games, free apps, art and music all bundled together for our indulgence. And who can forget the excitement of the xmas bumper editions, getting four coverdisks on the front of your mag

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