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Edit your startup file for the SHELL or CLI. For the SHELL that file is s:Shell-Startup, and for the CLI it is s:CLI-Startup.

You have seen how the PROMPT command works. Now you need to edit the WINDOW command.

A full window specification must be used, for example:



The format for a window specification is "Handler:x/y/w/h/name,

Handler = CON: or NEWCON:
x = <No of pixels from left edge of screen to left edge of window>/
y = <No of pixels from top of screen to top of window>/
w = <width of window, in pixels>/
h = <height of window, in pixels>
name = <title for window>

CON: is the CLI's standard Amiga handler, while the SHELL's NEWCON: handler allows command line editing and has a history buffer.
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