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Originally Posted by Rissy View Post
Hey all,

Does anyone know who is the keeper of all the material for Amiga Format disks found linked on this page?:

Through all my sorting out of all my Amiga stuff, and organising disks, I have found at least one magazine disk which they are missing in the collection, and it's intact and original.

I've taken a .ADF copy of the disk and named it according to their naming convention.

So if they would like it, I can make it available for them.

I just need to know who to get in contact with. Is it "Zetr0"?
No, it's not Zetr0... he hasn't been seen on EAB for many, many years unfortunately.

Here is the AMR team:

You should post this in a new thread under the - Amiga Magazine Rack section; and I'm sure someone will respond
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