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I think you need to decide what you actually want to do with the A1200. there are many paths you could take if you want to go down the 'I'm doing just to see if I can' route (CD/DVD drives, USB ports, etc).

Usually people are looking at general gaming so an a1200, CF HD, and some extra RAM will do, and then it depends on what you have it plugged into as a display - you may need an Indivision etc to show it on a flat screen, you may get lucky with SCART and various monitors, you may have an old school commodore monitor.

For games, try and get away without the Indy if you can, but if you want a higher res workbench, then thats the way you need to go.

Read this re RAM/Accelerators:

Personally I would go for a MK 4 Blizzard 1230, but they are quite expensive these days, and technically overkill for just games.

Anyway, good luck with it all!

Cheapest route is a simple ram expansion, but these are sometimes not easy to find or actually not much cheaper than a basic accelerator (especially these days)
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