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I'd be interesting in a JIT for 24-bit addressing modes (68000 and 68EC020).

The reason is the following:
I'm using GFA-BASIC for RPG game development.
However, on original 68k speeds it takes ages to compute the actions of AI controlled characters / monsters when started from the interpreter (up to multiple minutes for a single action decision for a high level wizard).

The GFA-BASIC Interpreter doesn't work with true 32-bit addressing CPU's, hence I can't use it with JIT.
If I compile, it works at reasonable speed as well as on true 32-bit addressing CPU's, but it's wasting a lot of time.

I don't need maximum CPU compatibility or something like that. So using current JIT and doing something like the following in indrect mode is enough for me:
AND EAX,0FFFFFFh (with EAX being the address being accessed).

68000 itself is not really needed, 68EC020 is enough.

Can this be done easily? Thanks very much in advance!
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