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thanks for testing, but that's not what I wanted to hear - damn
i'm using here PeterK's icon.library too, thats the only special thing in my basic a1200 config
on wb/kick 3.1.

within caligary, you see the wireframe model of the b747?, holding left mouse, you get the moving box?
and after releasing the mouse it redraws the model?

i have to move for some seconds holding the left mouse, to make it stop. little green cross-cursor just stops,
sometimes you get the buzy clock., not moving either.

move the object (left mouse) -> redraw -> left mouse move -> redraw, for a couple of times.
spin the object box for some second and while redrawing move again.
it does still freezes here, hmmm.

i dont get those jit halts with other applications, so it is somehow connected with caligari.
hmm, lets see what others report

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