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Sadly, these batchfile only work when the files inside the zips are named the same as the zip, sadly this isn't the case, several of the zips have been renamed without the files inside being renamed and some cuesheets haven't got the correct names in either (eg track 1 written on all entries).

With the bat's you will it will probably pause asking you to overwrite a cuesheet, or it will leave a cuesheet in the directory and move the zip to the originals folder.

I'm sure these aren't issues someone could get around, even as I type this I am thinking it could be avoided with an if exist name.chd move etc. at the end.

Anyway, I have done all the dats, these are all named correctly as they used the zip names anyway.

Hopefully they get added to TOSEC either as an option or to replace the [ISO] dats

Slight error in these dats, the I didn't change the descriptions on some of the CDTV dats, should be fixed in the updated zip.

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