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winuae stalls/pauses for several seconds

every version I've tried keeps pausing for 2-3 seconds once in a while (every 15 minutes, for example) with sound buffer repeating.

I've managed to build a dedicated system with my 1,6Gz ATOM eee box, with no processes stealing cpu cycles, and no HD activity associated with those slowdows (I had cpu activity before, but I've tweaked pagefiles and indexing, so it's gone).

Do you have any idea of the cause? WinUAE is the only emulator causing this strange issue. I suspected hyper-threading could be the cause, but setting the cpu affinity to just one cpu doesn't help, so that's not the cause.

can you point out other possibilities?
small (512KB L2) cache? that would affect other emulators, and it doesn't...
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