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Originally Posted by RuySan View Post
By looking at the screenshots, they look pretty good, but i usually get paralysed with so many options. Do you know which one mostly resembles the image on a Commodore 1084 monitor?
I know there are a lot of knobs, that's why i made a lot of presets :-P

From what i remember on my old 1084s, i think you can try the non bloomed version:

if there is still some white "bleeding" from the scanline that you don'like, you may try to change halo_h and/or in_glow_h
"#define halo_h     1.0" (and/or "#define halo_h     1.0")
"#define halo_h     2.0" (and/or "#define halo_h     2.0")
 (less is more here)
and/or lowering halo_power:
#define halo_power 2.0
#define halo_power 1.5
Anyway, don't change them too much, because they help in keeping the image brighter on "common" lcd backlight levels.

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