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Originally Posted by stevelord View Post
Not really. That's an X11 Window Manager available in NetBSD. The issue is that there's no direct WSCONS support the Amiga's custom chips. There's Amidisplaycc which provides the minimum console support but that's it.
In older versions of NetBSD there were several different Amiga-specific X11 servers to choose from. You installed a server based on what kind of graphics chipset you had.

In recent versions of NetBSD, these are no longer used and instead there is a single Xorg binary that uses NetBSD's wscons (Workstation Console) framework. Xorg uses a driver called wsfb, and wsfb, in turn, uses a driver for your specific hardware.

Unfortunately, there is no wsfb driver for the native Amiga chipset so X11 is not possible on a stock Amiga, but there is support for some RTG cards. CyberVision, Picasso, Piccolo, Spectrum, Domino, Merlin and oMnibus cards can all work with wsfb. There is also a working ZZ9000 driver that will hopefully make it into the next release
Seems you are correct, sadly. Looks like when they went to they dropped this support.
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