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And it must be nice working on a console where you don't need to spend 70% of the frame for scrolling, blitting and restoring gfx
I agree, but the hardware is not as flexible as the amiga one,so if you like to do some software rendering, a console is probably not the best system .
I code for the supergrafx, a souped up PCE (same hardware but with a second GPU), and my shmup run in 512x224 @60fps
So you have more power in some cases, but no copper,no blitter to do the usual crazy amiga effects .

I tried my best to keep it playable on A500. As even the Arcade (with all its superior hardware) had many slowdowns i'm ok with them on A500 too. Some things got even improved in Tinyus, like much better tentacle movements, full framerate update for bg objects, correct sorting for certain bg elements, etc.
Really you did a very good work, there aren't that many amiga shmups that are so polished and so well converted .

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