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Originally Posted by touko View Post
Thanks for the answer,actualy i code a shmup engine on PCE, and i have up to 650 collision tests per frame (this represents an average of 35.000 cycles in my case)and finaly it's not bad at all .

In a shmup it's more CPU intensive to have enemies than bullets, for exemple it's more easy to have 100 bullets than 50 enemies for obvious reasons .

I must admit that your conversion is really impressive, close to the arcade, with a lot on screen, and seems to have only few slowdowns,and was not too much butchered(sorry,it's may be not the appropriated word,i meant not a lot of compromise) on the classic A500 .
~53 cycles for aabb test on 6502 sounds good to me! And it must be nice working on a console where you don't need to spend 70% of the frame for scrolling, blitting and restoring gfx

Thanks for your kind words about my conversion. I tried my best to keep it playable on A500. As even the Arcade (with all its superior hardware) had many slowdowns i'm ok with them on A500 too. Some things got even improved in Tinyus, like much better tentacle movements, full framerate update for bg objects, correct sorting for certain bg elements, etc.
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