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Originally Posted by touko View Post
How many collision tests does this game do each frame,i mean the amiga version of course ??

I think the player ship can emit a maximum of 10 bullets.
There are up to 32 enemies on screen. So 320 tests need to be done in worst case, but usually there are less enemies on screen.
To speed things up i skip testing every 2nd bullet each frame.
To avoid tunneling i increased the hitbox of the player bullets by 4 pixel.
Also each player bullet must be checked with the background tiles collision mask (1 plane), but this is only done with a single point. I had to decrease the bullet speed by 12% (compared to the arcade) to avoid tunneling with the background.

Tiny Bobble was much worse for collision tests. There up to 48 bubbles could collide with any bubble and 2 players and enemies
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