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Originally Posted by mrupp View Post
I'm actually relieved that I'm not the only one feeling to be hopelessly lost as soon as loosing a life and having to go on without any powerups

How about an option in the options menu to choose Difficulty between "Arcade" and "Easy" (or "Beginner", if you like)?
In "Arcade" mode, you loose all your weapons just as in the arcade, in "Easy" mode you loose just some of them? Maybe something like this:
  • If you have protectors, you lose them
  • You lose one of the options
  • If you only have the laser but no options, you lose the laser and get the double instead
  • If you have the double, you lose it
  • You lose one speed level
Why not make the game EVEN BETTER than the original version? What do you think?

Nah, then it wouldn't be the same as the arcade. if it's too hard, play it more, or practice on the arcade machine in MAME
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