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I got back from work yesterday and spent ALL DAY playing it (about 6 hours) and got absolutely nothing done!

BUG#1: When you go to the next level, if you've collected any "power up tokens" from the previous level, when you start collecting more the counter starts at the beginning yet the highlighted one stays highlighted. This means you get two highlighted power-ups until you collect past that power up.

BUG#2: I've got 3 lives selected in the options yet I start with 4 lives.

BUG#3: Collision detection on the end of level boss seems a bit off - I should have died a few times and lived to defeat the enemy.

I understand from reading the first couple of pages that the speed doesn't get reset to 0 when you die but to be honest - I prefer it like it is. I can barely bring myself back if I die past level 1 and if my ship was slower, I'd not make it at all. Even now as soon as I die, many times I crash my ship and start a new game.

Do we have a key to quit the game so we can start from scratch? I did try ESC but it quit the game completely :/

Love this game, was one of my absolute all-time favourites (Nemesis) from years back when I was little and when Project-X came out and I saw it ran on a similar system, I bought it but was let down because it was too bloody hard.

Well done on a top notch conversion - can't thank you enough on this!

Can I recommend Xevious next please? :P
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