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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
As a quick fix if you need HD0:, why not use ASSIGN to alias HD0: to either DH0: or Workbench:...
I could simply edit the S:Startup-Sequence to do the assigning (perhaps even using the program Assigner, which I wrote myself when my real Amiga still worked, it is capable of assigning multiple names to the same volume/directory in one go, based on a text file), but does the S:Startup-Sequence execute before WorkBench loads its preferences? If not, then it will still prompt me to insert volume WorkBench: in any drive.
I don't know why my real Amiga hard disk partitions had the device names HD0: through HD3: instead of DH0: through DH3:, but I never found a way to change them, and they're used in too many places now to change them all.

As a further question, when I press PrtSc during FS-UAE emulation, FS-UAE says it has saved a screenshot. Yes, but saved it where? Fedora 17 Linux natively saves a screenshot in my home directory when I press PrtSc, but FS-UAE seems to grab the keypress and use its own screenshot routine instead.
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