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FS-UAE questions

I have found that FS-UAE for Linux emulates the Amiga faster than E-UAE, and is capable of full-screen emulation and state saving too, something that E-UAE isn't.

But I still have some questions:
- FS-UAE mounts my hard disk directories only as device names (hd0: through hd3, not as volume names. Therefore, when the emulation starts, I get a System Request asking me to insert volume WorkBench: in any drive, because the hard disk partition hd0: has the volume name WorkBench:, but FS-UAE doesn't understand it. Is there any way to use volume names in FS-UAE? E-UAE handles this OK.
- When I press F12 to bring up the run-time menu, I can only browse it with the keyboard. The mouse remains only in use as the emulated Amiga mouse. This is a full desktop PC with a real mouse, people. Not a PlayStation with a hand-held gamepad controller. Why can't I use the mouse to access the menu?
- I have a widescreen monitor, so when FS-UAE starts, it fits the Amiga screen to the fullscreen window, distorting the aspect ratio. I can fix this in the run-time menu, but is there any way to have it set as default?
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