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So my guess is that these files are required for the "full" game i.e. a different game executable; in order to tell the program what to load etc...

!FIL-$19F                      | 127.856|00000000|??|KO|KO|1970.01.01 00:00|Lost | File sequence 1 lost                                    |
!FIL-$1E6                      |  14.386|00000000|??|KO|KO|1970.01.01 00:00|Lost | File sequence 1 lost                                    |
!FIL-$258                      |   8.816|00000000|??|KO|KO|1970.01.01 00:00|Lost | File sequence 1 lost                                    |
So I've "salvaged" them now, see "Recovered.lha" in The Zone!

...but they are slightly smaller than what was shown as "Lost"; and there's no way to tell what the <filesnames> should be.

Anyway, that's all I can do to really help.... some expert would need to piece everything together
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