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Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
Very good answer. Thanks Matthey!
Stormc 4 use gcc and Its own compiler. You can choose.
I like Its IDE but need a moderna compiler.
I own Storm C v4 but I did not remember that the old v3 compiler could still be used, not that it is much of an advantage. It's been awhile since I messed with Storm C and my knowledge of compilers and C has greatly improved since then. There is custom code written which couples GCC to the Storm C IDE. They did some neat stuff but there is a bit too much abstraction and bloat for my taste. I should probably give it another try now though.

Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
Another thing. Bdebug runs under winue? In my setup It crash!
A debugger like BDebug needs very good (accurate) emulation. I have never tried BDebug on UAE but it works on the 68060 which is the trickiest 68k CPU to support. I have never heard anyone complain that it doesn't work on a real Amiga either. Someone else may be able to answer this question better than me.
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