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Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
Hi mates.
A simple question. Can bdebug, sasc debugger or stormc debugger use vbcc generated code?
The new v0.9d version of vbcc will generate SAS/C style line debug with "vc -g" which is compatible with BDebug (from Barfly archive) and CPR (from SAS/C). The current C source line can be displayed in both with the proper settings and paths. I don't know which debug info Storm C v3 uses but Storm C v4 is probably incompatible as it uses GCC as the compiler and most likely STABS or DWARF for source debugging information. Symbols are still visible in BDebug when compiling with GCC using the STABS switch (-gstabs).

Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
I'm using StormC but Its so old that give too much errors.
One more. What standard is supported with stormc? c89? C90?
I believe Storm C v4 is based on GCC 2.95.x which is a good version of GCC although it is dated (some modern GCC programs will not work). GCC has many POSIX and UNIX extensions which made it into later standards like C90 and C99. I would guess it is mostly compatible with C90 and some functions from C99 should work also. GCC is forgiving about standards by default which helps. Storm C v3 is hopelessly outdated and buggy. I don't recommend using it.
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