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Originally Posted by Speedvicio View Post
Frode a request.
I have a external usb soundcard not compatible with alsamixer but fully functional.
With this card fs-uae does not play any sound, probably because of incompatibility with alsamixer.
Can I choose from the emulator the audio output driver between pulseaudio,sdl or alsa?
Hi, I assume you mean that you get sound in at least some applications or with some drivers on Linux...

FS-UAE only uses OpenAL. But you most likely have the "soft openal" version which does not talk to the hardware directly, but through another audio driver/backend such as ALSA. OpenAL can have many different backends, and it is possible to choose which one is used.

Take a look at this:

You are interested in this option:
## drivers:
#  Sets the backend driver list order, comma-seperated. Unknown backends and
#  duplicated names are ignored. Unlisted backends won't be considered for use
#  unless the list is ended with a comma (eg. 'oss,' will list OSS first
#  followed by all other available backends, while 'oss' will list OSS only).
#  Backends prepended with - won't be available for use (eg. '-oss,' will allow
#  all available backends except OSS). An empty list means the default.
drivers = pulse,alsa,core,oss,solaris,sndio,mmdevapi,dsound,winmm,port,opensl,null,wave
On my Ubuntu 12.04, OpenAL chooses PulseAudio output by default.
I tested it, creating ~/.alsoftrc with this content:
drivers = alsa
... and this forced OpenAL to use talk to ALSA directly on my system.

If you can use ALSA, and this USB device of yours is not the default device, you may need to consider this option as well (still in .alsoftrc -has nothing to do with FS-UAE !!):
## device:
#  Sets the device name for the default playback device.
#device = default
For a bit easier debugging, the next development release will output some helpful stuff to the log (example output for my computer):
OpenAL devices:
- PulseAudio Default
- ALSA Default
- PortAudio Default
- No Output
openal default device: PulseAudio Default
openal device opened: PulseAudio Default

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