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G-FS-UAE (GUI/Frontend for Linux FS-UAE)

Hello everyone.
Finally my GUI written in Gambas 3 for the excellent FS-UAE, has reached a mature enough version.
I think I have implemented almost all the options in FS-UAE and in theory the GUI should present no problems.
The GUI does not want in any way to replace the excellent launcher created by FrodeSolheim, but wants to be an alternative for those who want to change all aspects of FS-UAE.
The scripts embedded in the launcher were created by FrodeSolheim, as well as the method to start the WHDLoad files.

More features of the GUI:
- Ability to start the emulator on the fly without saving the configuration file
- Ability to save multiple configuration files and recall them if necessary using the drop down menu
- Ability to launch an online section
- Ability to integrate FS-UAE within the GUI in windowed mode (it may reduce the performance of the emulator)
- Ability to autoload WHDLoad file on the fly (internet connection is required) without no intervent by user.

Unfortunately i'm the only one to act as testers and my knowledge of programming is not very good, if you encounter problems or if you have any request please report them to this topic.

Best Regards...

For info, some screens and download, please visit my page at Sourceforge

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