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Originally Posted by antonvaltaz View Post
Warning: this post contains pointless speculation.

I've been thinking a bit about the death of the Amiga lately. I've seen a lot of people ask a lot of "what ifs" - what if Commodore marketed the A1000 better, what if the AGA chipset had been released earlier, what if they'd focused on their core Amiga business earlier.

But I'm wondering if the Amiga's death wasn't inevitable - even *before* the launch of the A1000.

Commodore were criticised for not properly deciding whether the Amiga was to be marketed as a 'home' computer or a professional 'business' computer. However, I don't think they ever had any long-term prospects in either sector. By 1985, IBM compatibles were already dominant in the business world (even if they were not yet a virtual monopoly). IBM's decision to use commodity parts, along with the emergence of compatible clone PCs like Compaq's, meant that they would *inevitably* become more affordable - even to home users - making the very concept of 'home computers' entirely redundant.

So my argument is that, for all the undoubted management and marketing incompetence at Commodore, there is literally nothing they could have done to save the Amiga from commercial oblivion. It never stood a chance.

Yes lots of things were against them, the A1000 was actually designed to be a console which didn't help and the A2000 wasn't much of an improvement (just a 1000 in a bigger case really). The only real decent attempt at updating the A1000 design was the A3000 but the writing was already on the wall for the planar chipset by then.

The only way the could have possibly survived to this day would have been to go after some niche markets like publishing, video editing and music. They really needed to get into bed with Apple and/or Atari, that would have helped (and was attempted).

They could of course have survived for a few more years if they'd wasted less money on silly projects like the CDTV and A600.

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