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Stuck in the 80s

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I think about this a lot too

The Amiga was streets ahead most stuff between 1985 - 1992. I remember the PC dominated the office sector as you say and always thought the Amiga didn't stand much of a chance against it...

It's a shame because by the time 1993 came around - AGA was too late and rushed, corners cut etc. C= cancelled certain projects which pretty much sealed the fate of our beloved machine...

Alas, I don't think AAA could have saved Amiga either as the PC was starting to gather hold and with the console market hotting up/developers fleeing the Amiga after the speculation it was going down the pan everything just dried up.

They just didn't stay ahead of the game sadly, it was stuck in 1985 most of its life with the OCS 'enhanced' for 9 years of its short life. So, yep it was doomed from the start. They made something incredible and it took the competition all that time to catch up... so i'm not sad. Just glad they made the Amiga as good as they did... which is the reason they still power up
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