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Question Start sequence help....

OK I'm stuck. I will try to explain my problem and hopefully there is a simple solution that a newbie will able to fix.

I have an A600 with a bootable 8GB CF card(replaced 40 MB HD), 3 partitions 1st WAS bootable with WB3.1. Everything was working fine, and I was in the process of transfering some ADF's and configuring the system to my tastes (MagicWB, MagicMenu, and a few other goodies). I also have the Amigakit PCMIA CF unit with Easy ADF software.

My problem started when I copied the extracted AMINET CD49 from my CF card reader to one of the partitions on my CF hard drive (DH1). I thought I had figured out the assign command so I could browse the CD off the CF DH1 partition. I had to go out for a while so I shut down the computer and when I turned it back on, the CF HD card is NOT recognized and I get the purple WB31 insert disk screen. Is what I did by using the assign command screw something up, write something to my boot sequence, and can I recover from this easily?

I tried reading the card in the CF card reader and it comes up as a NDOS formatted disk where the CF card supplied in my ADF kit reads fine. I tried the mouse bootup sequence, but again my card is not recognized and only my DF0 is shown. I replaced my 2.5 HD back in the system, and that is fine. I'm lost being a newbie and trying to find my way but now I have an 8GB cf card that is unusable as is. Any suggestions or help would be great.
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