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Originally Posted by Alexco View Post
Ah. Okay. Using 16Bit 640x480 warpdemo starts but no cube is visible. I only have a blue screen with text. Also all the gears demos start but no gear is visible. But looking at the info from warptest it seems that something is missing because there is support for primititves and filters??
The WarpTest should renders a wall but I guess you wouldn't know if it didn't :/.

Here is the output from my Mediator with Voodoo 4 (also VSA-100/Napalm GPU):

Hardware driver available
Available drivers:
Voodoo 3 Avenger
        Supports format 0x20
        Hardware Driver
        Primitives supported:
        [POINT] [LINE] [TRIANGLE] 
        [BI-FILTER] [MM-FILTER] 
Voodoo 3 Avenger
        Supports format 0x80
        Hardware Driver
        Primitives supported:


Size: 128×128
Texture created
Setting states
Going into main loop
Closing down...
The 2 entries are for little endian and big endian 16 bit modes. You should try both. On the Mediator, the LE modes have a "PC" in the name. Both modes work on the Mediator although the colors in 2D and 3D are messed up with BE modes. Are your colors correct with BE modes on the G-Rex? Do you have the 4000 or 1200 version of the G-Rex? Are you using P96 or CGFX and the latest 2D drivers?

You could download Alain Thellier's 3D Cow test program and see if anything displays (wire frames or shading?).

You could also try these alternate (optimized and a few bug fixes) Warp3D drivers after making backups:

Let us know if you get it working.

Edit: This G-Rex support web site shows the VSA-100 not working in 3D:

The VSA-100 is backward compatible with the Avenger but the PCI mapping is different in some ways. It may be possible to tweak the 2D or 3D driver to get it working or it may be that the G-Rex hardware/firmware does not map the necessary addresses correctly or at all.

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