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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
I have been using a 256MB CompactFlash card in my CD32/SX32 for a couple of years, but I'm replacing my small capacity CF cards with 4GB ones, so I'll back up the data from this 256MB one and send it down to you. It's not labeled as a SanDisk or any other brand, I got it from Sanity (the music store) along with a 1GB one and they have both worked perfectly with my Amigas for a couple of years now. When it's formatted there should still be plenty of space left, the sectors won't all be used up yet.
As you are probably aware, its all down to the number of writes to a partucular sector that are of issue to Compactflash.

I have several 4GB Sandisk Ultra (Not Ultra II), and as far as I am aware, they would PROBABLY be using Sandisk NAND flash, while OLDER Flash DID have around 1000 write life cycle, the Latest Sandisk have specified up to 10,000 writes per sector, and even the latest SSD available for PC are stated to have up to 1 million writes.

I would take a guess that you should get MORE than 1000 writes to a Compactflash NAND now. even 1 million writes to any sector, and with TRIM capability I would still not be running a pagefile/Swap on it.
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