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Originally Posted by Ironclaw
I have mentioned this before but do it again... As savestate doesnt work with harddrive emulation on, I have my games in the memory using RAD to create a virtual harddrive.. thus no disks och harddrive emulation is needed.

I will record and make a Longplay of Monkey Island 2 after I'm finished with Robocop 3. I have put all the MI 2 disk in the memory... and disabled all disks and harddrive emulation. All I need to play is the savestate..... so.. I now have the whole game installed in the memory and can quick save and doesn't need any disks or harddrive... seems to load much faster from memory than harddrive aswell.

coud you give me some more details on how your doing that, running the game via the memory thing(or atleast give me a link so i can read about it)?
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