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Hey up matth3w and a warm welcome to EAB!!!

I presume you are using the ADF version of Simon the Sorcerer (StS)? What WinUAE configuration did you select?

I've just been testing the ECS version of StS (9 adf disks), using WinUAE 1.2.0 Quickstart tab - Amiga 500 / 2000, Configuration KS1.3, ECS Agnus, 1.0M Chip.

WinUAE creates a formatted blank disk by using the "Create Standard Disk" within WinUAE under the Floppy Drives tab. No need to format it using Amiga Workbench.

The problem with using Save States is that when you load WinUAE and then your Save State..... you MUST have the correct numbered adf game disk inserted when you originally saved your position using this feature. Simon the Sorcerer is always accessing disks and if the wrong one(s) is inserted on resuming your game - the game will "crash".

In other words, if you had StS adf game disk 2 and 3 inserted into df0: and df1: drives respectively, when you saved the game via Save State, you must ensure these disks are already in place when re-starting WinUAE and your Save State.

In a game like this one that uses many disks, it is probably easier to use StS save option using the Postcard and saving onto your blank adf disk as shown above - the old-fashion way!

Please be sure to check out the FAQ section too.

Well I hope this all helps and let us know how you get on, but if you still get stuck, we are here to help!!
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