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HELP! Darn saved states / saving in game

I have the newest version of AmigaForever from their site. I have Simon the Sorcerer for the thing (almost the sole reason I got the software).

Finally, I was able to get the game to run. As you may or may not know you "use" the postcard to access the save/load option for the game. I created a "standard floppy" in WinUAE and formatted it using the Icon > Format Disk option in Workbench 3.1. I "use" the postcard in game and click on the save. I hit F12 and change out disk one to my savedgames.adf file that I just formatted and hit "ok." Then I go back to the game, hit any key to continue, input my file name that I want to save, and hit save. It says "save failed, try another disk." Ok, that sucks.

So then I try the WinUAE save-state option. So I hit F12 and go to Misc and Save State. I save the state and call it "matthew." No problems. To test it out, I then go to Misc and Load State, and it loads the game fine - well, no it doesnt. It works for about 3 seconds, then it freezes, and I get an error message in red on a black screen that says:

"Software Error, click the left mouse button to continue"

Or, more often, I get a black screen, and then a Windows error that says WinUAE has encountered a problem, blah blah. I read the error report but it is just a bunch of hex numbers.

When I saved the state I clicked Create Log and Illegal Memory options right above it, and tried it without clicking those, and neither seems to work.

I am getting VERY frustrated, so any help you can provide will be of great assistance.
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