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Originally Posted by EAUniW View Post
...and before you know it, your Amiga looks like the inside of a Borg cube.
Ain't that the truth! That's why the 1200 is such a lovely clean machine. But even those can get out of hand. RELOADED will clean it all up beautifully.

At a few points I considered getting a towered 1200. They tend to be cleaner, but again - more boxes, more stuff. The 1200 is just such a nice all-in-one! Imagine a PC mobo made to fit a 1200? :-)

I got one of the transparent A1200 cases that I'll use with a black power supply, found some weird Datalux transparent mouse to match that. I'll remove the logo from the mouse, clean up and put a black wire on as well, and...

...I found out that TVs for maximum security prisons need to be...TRANSPARENT! So I got this Clear Tunes CT-1582S TV, has VGA and HDMI in, 15" - it will be a killer top-to-bottom Transparent Amiga setup here! TV has stereo speakers built-in and everything - it's absolutely awesome. Will be clean and clear!

I just hope this monitor wasn't witness to some prison "lovemaking"! The one I grabbed didn't look to have any CORRECTIONS or JAIL labeling or etching visible in the photos - so perhaps it was never in lock-up.
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