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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Yes, running TCP/IP freezes WHDLoad games.

I've never had this problem before so it's very interesting to learn this. Well I wouldn't have had this problem in the past I suppose when I had my Amiga online because I last had it online in around 2000 through dial-up and there wasn't any WHDLoad.

Thank you for informing me

Originally Posted by indigolemon View Post
Yes, TCP/IP stacks cause interrupts which, if not handled, will cause the game to crap out as it doesn't know what to do with them.

Look in S:, you'll find WHDLoad.prefs - open that, and there are lines for ExecuteStartup and ExecuteCleanup.

If you uncomment these (remove the ; ) these scripts will be run as WHDLoad starts a game, and after WHDLoad quits a game.

These scripts are already in S: and have lines for stopping and restarting your TCP/IP stack etc automatically - which makes the whole thing hassle free

Awesome information, I really needed to know what was going on here because after all the lock downs, recession, stressors of life..etc my A1200 crapping itself would have been the last thing I needed because it's one of the only outlets/interests I have left.

Would never want my A1200 to be on it's way out.

Cheers to all of you!!
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