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Originally Posted by redblade View Post
Great work. Do you think it would be possible to change the disk format to a 880k size one native for the Amiga? Because it's V7 UNIX compatible it should be able to recompile UNIX V7 to it??

Great work by the way
I don't see any major issues, however the idea of using the 720k format is because MINIX uses the IBM PC format (which is also in use on the Atari ST). In fact, the Amiga floppy disk driver is an awfully complex piece of software: it reads the Amiga binary tracks and converts them to MFM and vice-versa.
I may look into it at some point in the distant future, but to be honest, I never thought about it as an issue.

What do you mean by "recompile UNIX v7?" MINIX is compatible with UV7 at the source level, but the binaries are not compatible (I have never seen the sources of the 68k ports; there's been one or two, IIRC.)

Next steps:
1) Try to make the ATA driver more efficient by using interrupts.
2) Try to use the 68030 MMU to replace the shadowing hack.

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