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Originally Posted by AGS View Post
Hi, I have FS-UAE installed under ubuntu linux. When I start it, all is ok. But when I do something at the emulated Amiga-side, e.g. assembling my app, then my CPU fan goes to maximum. Is there a chance to make this not happen? Indeed NO other program has this effect. Even E-UAE does not do this even when in jit-mode.
FS-UAE should only "voluntary" use as much CPU as possible when running in fastest-possible-mode (default for Amiga 4000 or 68030+ CPUs).

So if you're emulating A500/A600/A1200, by default, FS-UAE should only use as much CPU as needed, not more. (There's some exceptions here, in vsync mode, with some driver/OS/sync combinations, the GL driver might busy-wait for vblank, but with video sync turned off, this shouldn't be an issue either).

So please post your FS-UAE.log.txt.
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